Working with grant-makers, charities, social enterprises and community businesses to strengthen financial capacity, capability and confidence
     Working with grant-makers, charities, social enterprises and community businesses to strengthen financial capacity, capability and confidence 


Bookkeeping is the foundation of good financial management and financial sustainability. 


A good bookkeeping system will identify your internal subsidies and income contributing activities. It enables easy reporting to funders and it gives you the management information you need to understand the full cost of your services and activities.


We are certified QuickBooks providers and specialise in setting up and maintaining cloud bookkeeping systems and migrating desk top systems online giving you real time access to your financial information. We also work with Xero and Sage. We are experienced in syncing your bookkeeping system with your point of sale system be it Stripe, Square or Izettle. 


Our bookkeeping services are provided off-site from our office in East London.


For month bookeeping services, fees are £24 per hour. Typically, one bank statement takes one hour to reconcile. We have a minimum charge of £100 per month. 


For cloud migrations, fees start at £250. 



We find that leaders are often under-confident when it comes to taking financial decisions. This can sometimes lead to caution when spending and uncertainty in launching new activities for beneficiaries. Whether you are in need of a general sounding board, a review of your financial reports or support with bringing your financial confidence up to speed, we can help. Over the past year we have provided 121 mentoring services to over 60 charity chief executives and social enterprise leaders.


Our leadership mentoring services start at £80 per 45 minute session. 


We also provide mentoring for individuals starting social impact organisations. We find that a short course of, say, 4, highly targeted mentoring sessions can help unlock obstacles and move you forward to the next stage of your development. 


Our start-up mentoring services start at £40 per 45 minute session. 


Our mentoring service is award-winning. In 2018, we were a Business Mentoring finalist in the IAB's Small Business Skills Award. Our award winning mentoring is based on 20 years experience of working with social impact organisations and social leaders.


Financial health checks

We are often asked questions such as 'what does good financial management looks like?', 'what questions should I be asking as the leader?', 'could our systems be more efficient and/or more affordable?', 'how much should we have in reserves?', 'how much should we spend on central costs?'. The only true answer to each of these questions, and most questions in finance if we're honest, is 'it depends'.


We use of our own framework, EMBRACE Finance, to work with you to analyse the financial management of your organisation in its entirety. EMBRACE Finance recognises that good financial management is so much more than a bookkeeping system or a set of annual accounts. It's about the people and the culture they create, it's about the regulatory framework and the advice we take to comply with it and it's about our support networks and how we build financial and organisational resilience. We often find that one or two small, low-costs, tweaks can lead to significant improvements in the financial management. 


Our financial healthchecks vary depending on the size of your organisation and the complexity of your financial management.


Fees start at £250 for a one day health check for an organisation with an annual turnover of £100k. 



We provide friendly, jargon-free finance training sessions which cover all aspects of financial management including: 


- starting your social enterprise 

- scaling your social enterprise

- charities and trading 

- trustees and fiduciary responsibilities

- chief executives and financial leadership 


We also run micro action learning sets for leaders of social enterprises. 


Please check our news page for upcoming sessions. 


Consultancy and Interim Management

Our Director, Liz Pepler, is available for consultancy services and fixed term interim management placements. Liz specialises in rebuilding systems, grant-making, financial management, risk management, leadership and governance. Past assignments include facilitating financial management strategic away days, leading senior level recruitments, building internal operations systems, drafting operations manuals, crafting financial strategies and cloud accounting migrations. 

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