CommunityCountsUK Building capacity, capability and confidence with financial management
 CommunityCountsUKBuilding capacity, capability and confidencewith financial management 



CommunityCountsUK was founded in 2015, by Liz Pepler, to support grant-makers, registered charities, community organisations and social enterprises by working with them to strengthen their financial management.




Liz is a charity specialist with nearly 20 years experience of working with registered charities, grant-making foundations, community organisations and social enterprises


Liz is currently an Associate at the Association of Charitable Foundations and a financial management trainer at the School of Social Entrepreneurs


Liz has held several roles as Finance Director (for organisations with an asset base of £35k to £35m), Senior Manager, Grant-Maker, Company Director, Treasurer, Trustee and Programme Manager


Liz has extensive lived experience of holding sole responsibility for the resource management of a number of smaller organisations and understands the challenges they face. More importantly, she understands the need for solutions to be simple, strategic and sustainable




Member of the International Association of Bookkeepers


Inspiring Financial Leadership, Cass Business School and Charity Finance Group 


Level 7 Certificate in Strategic Leadership and Management, Institute of Lship and Mgmt


Endowment Asset Management, Judge Business School, Cambridge University


MSc (Distinction) Charity Accounting/Financial Management, London South Bank University


ICSA Post Graduate Certificate, Charity Management, London South Bank University



'Liz understands exactly what is needed when it comes to the financial management and leadership of small organisations and communicates this in a friendly, clear and accessible way. This is a rare mix.'

Nicola, Director, London School for Social Entrepreneurs


'Liz's experience in the charity sector is invaluable - she offers great advice, is a critical friend, and is incredibly positive about everything'

Helen, Manager, Walthamstow Toy Library and Play Centre


'Liz is a superstar. Incredibly positive and helpful. She helped me put together a budget for a grant funding application, helped with advice on my accounts and delivered an excellent session for the School for Social Entrepreneurs programme that I am on. I would recommend her to anyone looking for support with the finances of their organisation.'

Henry, Founder and Director, Green Schools Project

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