CommunityCountsUK Building capacity, capability and confidence with financial management
 CommunityCountsUKBuilding capacity, capability and confidencewith financial management 

CommunityCountsUK works with grant-making foundations, registered charities, community organisations and social enterprises to strengthen their financial management.


We adopt the principles of positive psychology to identify strengths existing within the organisation and apply them to its financial management.


In doing so, we strengthen the financial management capacity, capability and confidence throughout the organisation. 


As part of our commitment to small charities, CommunityCountsUk is supporting Small Charity Week's Big Advice Day. Small Charity Week celebrates and raises awareness of the essential work of the UK’s small charity sector who make an invaluable contribution to the lives of millions of individuals, communities and causes across the UK and the rest of the world. Small Charity Week is brought to you by the Foundation for Social Improvement (FSI), who with the support of partner organisations ensure the work of small charities is recognised and celebrated.



We offer friendly, professional, compliant practical support with bookkeeping services and interim financial management


We provide engaging and accessible financial management training and mentoring


We work with you to undertake financial management health checks and help you build long term sustainability



CommunityCountsUK is the trading name of Community Counts Training and Consultancy Ltd

A registered non-profit company limited by guarantee.

Registered company number 11338373

Registered office 71-75 Shelton Street, London, WC2H 9JQ

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